Toyota Wins Legal Case

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Toyota’s managing, in-house counsel in charge of its national rollover litigation from 2003 to 2007 was Dimitrios Biller, Esq.  According to, Biller contended, following the end of his relationship with Toyota, that Toyota had been intentionally withholding information that plaintiffs lawyers had been asking for, and had a right

Federal Rules Revised

Effective December 1, 2010, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26(a)(2) and (b)(4) were substantially revised.  Whereas Rule 26 once allowed broad discovery of all communications, including draft reports, between counsel and experts who were retained to testify at trial, the 2010 amendments limit discovery of these communications. Under the amended

Hang On To Your Evidence

After DePuy issued its recall notice, it sent a letter to doctors and clinicians and informed them that they were willing to pay for their patients’ hip revision surgeries, BUT DePuy conditioned its offer on getting back the defective hip implants.  (Here’s the web address for their letter – Never mind

Pardon For Billy The Kid?

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Not content to let Gov. Charlie Crist’s recent pardon of Doors’ front man Jim Morrison be the most dubious use of gubernatorial powers in 2010, New Mexico’s Gov. Bill Richardson is contemplating a pardon for some of murderer Billy The Kid’s criminal deeds.  See UPDATE (Jan. 5, 2011):  Billy


By now, most Floridians are familiar with the foreclosure problem created by so-called “robo-signers,” those bank and law firm employees who signed whatever mortgage-related materials was put in front of them and pretended that they had knowledge of such materials.  Now, Floridians are learning about “robo-verifiers.” The Florida Supreme Court