Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning AttorneyContrary to popular belief, estate planning is more than just about what happens after you die. Estate planning is the process of planning for your own personal financial and health care while you live and transferring your property after you die. It is a comprehensive plan that takes care of your interests in the case of an accident, injury, or other situation where you are no longer able to care for yourself and that directs the disposition of your assets following your death. It is to take care of you, your family, and your business. An estate plan ensures that your interests are protected and that your financial goals are met.

Kirk-Pinkerton, PA, advises and assists its clients in all aspects of estate planning. We help our clients develop their personal and family goals, and we analyze our clients’ current financial conditions in light of their estate planning needs and objectives. We work with each client to develop and implement an estate plan that recognizes the client’s needs and objectives and, where possible, minimizes tax liabilities and maximizes tax benefits.

Who needs Estate Planning?

Almost everyone has a need. A basic plan that sets forth your wishes and medical directives for your own health care is vital to protect you in case of an accident or injury that incapacitates you, even temporarily. More sophisticated planning is important for clients with significant assets, tax-issues, and businesses. It is important to protect your assets and family with an estate plan. You should not put off this vital planning until some future date. Your estate plan should grow and change as your needs and circumstances change.

What is involved in Estate Planning?

To begin the estate planning process, we ask our clients to make a list of assets and their values. Assets include life insurance, annuities, and pension plans. You can help us develop a more comprehensive plan for you. This includes business agreements containing buy-sell agreements, and any current estate planning documents. Wills and Trusts of other people of which you are a beneficiary or trustee may be critical to your planning and should be reviewed.

Clients with minor children need to decide who will have the responsibility to care for the children. Perhaps as important, we then work with our clients to ensure that they have a financial plan in place to ensure that their children’s future financial needs are met. There are other actions our clients might take now to minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their financial legacy.

Kirk-Pinkerton, PA, provides a full range of sophisticated estate planning and administrative techniques. Whenever possible, we work with our clients’ advisors, certified public accountants (CPAs), financial planners, and investment advisors. We structure estate plans which will facilitate our clients’ goals and objectives and simplify the estate and trust administration process.

Consult with a Kirk-Pinkerton Florida Estate Planning Attorney

The Estate Planning and Probate attorneys at Kirk-Pinkerton have unique qualifications. They will work with you to determine what estate planning steps you need and how to best serve your interests. Fees vary depending on the complexity of your needs but are disclosed in advance of the work being performed.

A more detailed list of our areas of concentration includes the following:

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Health Care Surrogates
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Tax Controversies, Representation of IRS, including Audit and Appeal Homestead Planning
  • Tax Advice
  • Succession Planning for Business Owners
  • Trust & Estate Administration Florida Domicile Planning
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns, including Form 706-Federal Estate Tax Return

Kirk-Pinkerton Estate Planning Attorneys

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