Divorce & Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody and Family Law

Family Law & Divorce AttorneyThe Sarasota-based law firm of Kirk-Pinkerton represents clients in all areas of marital and family law, and can assist in a wide range of matters including but not limited to :

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Modification Proceedings
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Parental Relocation
  • Trial Practice
  • Mediation

We are sensitive to the fact that families going through a divorce are frequently already under significant strain and hardship. We recognize that no two family law cases are alike and each client deserves to feel as though his or her matter is the lawyer’s first and foremost concern. Our team prides itself on the open lines of communication which are emphasized in the handling of its family law cases at Kirk Pinkerton. We view our role in the process as one of having clients who are informed and in a position to participate actively in the resolution of their divorce proceedings, and Kirk-Pinkerton’s family law professionals pride themselves on providing a concierge-type of service to their clients.

We will work to assist the client in reaching a settlement if it’s in the client’s best interests, but we are prepared to litigate when settlement is undesirable or impossible. When custody or parental relocation becomes an issue, we’ll work with our client to analyze how the minor child’s best interests will be met, and together with our client obtain a result that makes sense.

One of the goals in the handling of family law cases at Kirk-Pinkerton is to provide its clients with an integrated approach. To this end, our team of dedicated legal experts can work with its family law clients, not only in conducting the actual necessary litigation but, also, in the areas of real estate, taxation, estate planning and business law.

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