Guardianship is a court ordered proceeding in which a person, either voluntarily or involuntarily relinquishes their rights to another person called a legal guardian who will then have the authority to make a person’s decisions concerning their physical person and/ or property.


A Guardianship proceeding can be initiated by any interested adult on behalf of another if they genuinely feel that a person is not capable to appropriately care for themselves either physically or financially. If a person is either mentally or physically incapacitated, or both, and appears not to be capable to protect themselves from neglect, abuse or exploitation, then a petition can be filed with the Court which will begin a legal process to assist that incapacitated person.

In Florida, once the Petition is filed, a Court with legal jurisdiction will appoint an examining committee of (3) professionals who will examine the person and prepare a report for the Court. Upon the determination of the evidence, the examining committee reports and other evidence presented, a Judge may make a determination that the person is incapacitated and appoint a Guardian. So if one finds themselves or another in need of assistance or cannot make health care or financial decisions, then a guardianship proceeding may be recommended for that person.

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By, Rebecca J. Proctor, Esq.