What is a Litigation Attorney?

An attorney who represents parties in court is referred to as a litigator. Litigators may negotiate the settlement of a dispute without seeking the court’s involvement or may represent clients in a court presenting the client’s case to a judge or a jury. The litigators in the Kirk- Pinkerton Litigation Department represent both individual and corporate clients in state, federal, trial and appellate courts.

Litigation Attorneys

What kind of matters do Kirk Pinkerton litigators handle?

  • Business and commercial cases: including enforcement of contracts, noncompete agreements, trade secret rights and shareholder and partnership disputes.
  • Banking Law including mortgage foreclosure
  • Construction cases: representing builders, developers and owners in cases involving breach of contract, construction defects and enforcement of construction liens.
  • Probate and will disputes: representing personal representatives, heirs and trustees in probate litigation, including inheritance claims and will and trust contests.
  • Election Law: representing those impacted by application of Florida and Federal election laws including voters, candidates, and proponents or opponents of ballot measures.
  • Real Estate Law issues: including contract disputes, boundary and easement claims and use restrictions
  • Eminent Domain: representing clients when the government attempts to take their property for public use
  • General Civil Litigation

Kirk-Pinkerton Litigation Attorneys

Jeffrey M. Guy Family Law, Litigation

Bill Robertson Litigation, Personal Injury, Shareholder

Thomas D. Shults Litigation, Mediation, Shareholder

Norman Vaughan-Birch Complex Commercial Litigation, Litigation, Mediation, Probate & Trust Litigation, Shareholder