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Kirk-Pinkerton Mediation - Thomas D. Shults

Tom Shults

In addition to being a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Mr. Shults has been a Certified Civil Mediator since 1991. He recently received certification in the newly created area of Appellate Mediation. In addition to being a Mediator, he is also qualified as an Arbitrator.

Norman Vaughan-Birch - Kirk-Pinkerton Mediation

Norman Vaughan-Birch

In addition to being certified as an expert in civil trial and business litigation, he is also recognized by The Florida Supreme Court, and the Federal Court as a Certified Civil Mediator and Arbitrator. He maintains a mediation and arbitration practice concurrent to his trial practice.

Florida Supreme Court Mediation Certified

Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators

The Florida Court System began utilizing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in 1975. One method of ADR is mediation. This legal process allows parties the opportunity to resolve their disputes without taking the matter to court. The mediator serves as a neutral third-party who oversees that bargaining process and exchange of information between parties in order to facilitate a resolution. Mediation is typically considered to be a quicker and less expensive means of settlement than litigation.