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When an accident or personal injury occurs, you may suddenly find yourself facing complicated medical decisions along with mounting medical bills, loss of income and a complete disruption of your life. The personal injury lawyers at Kirk-Pinkerton, P.A. can help you deal with the fallout from such a tragic event and the difficult legal complexities that go along with it. For more information, please view our areas of expertise below.


Personal Injury Areas of Practice

We accept cases on a “contingency” basis. This means that you don’t pay Kirk-Pinkerton anything unless we obtain a settlement.

You should expect to be compensated for your injuries and the resulting consequences. Don’t depend on the insurance company to determine fair compensation for you and your family. The effects of such an accident can be traumatic, putting everyone’s life on hold. The resulting financial consequences can be devastating far into the future.

A consultation with the personal injury lawyers of Kirk-Pinkerton can help you determine where you stand and what your options are. Our Sarasota personal injury attorneys are experienced in helping you negotiate a fair settlement and advising you on how to proceed for the best outcome.

Why You Need Personal Injury Legal Advice before Negotiating a Personal Injury Claim Settlement:

Remember, the insurance company’s loyalty is to itself and its shareholders. Their main interest is in getting your claim settled for the least amount possible. You need experienced Sarasota and Bradenton personal injury attorneys to help you get the personal injury claim settlement that you deserve. Don’t rush to a personal injury settlement; instead, let us help you negotiate reasonable compensation that protects you and your family.

We realize that you are probably overwhelmed at this time and we want to help make this as easy as possible for you. We can visit with you at your home or at the hospital where you are receiving medical care and provide you with the personal injury legal advice that you need. Call 1-800-439-8911 to schedule an appointment at a time and place that is convenient for you.

How Personal Injury Awards are Determined:

Insurance companies will rush you to settle for the least amount possible. If they determine that this is not possible, they may attempt to delay your personal injury settlement as long as possible, leaving you with mounting bills and debt. The accident injury attorneys at Kirk-Pinkerton are ready to fight for your interests. Don’t let the insurance companies push you into a quick settlement that won’t protect your future.

Personal injury awards vary greatly, depending on the individual case and the legal representation of the injured party. In some cases, punitive damages may apply. In order to get the maximum you are entitled to, you will need the help of good personal injury lawyers. The personal injury department of Kirk-Pinkerton is ready and available to help you with your personal injury accidents.

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