Why Is My Home AC Not Cooling?

You could be asking yourself this question after trying to use the AC in your home, and it won’t cool. There are several reasons this can happen, so it is essential to troubleshoot why you aren’t getting any cold air.

Is your thermostat set to cooling mode?

You may not be hearing a compressor sound or feel any air coming out of your vents if the fan isn’t on. Although the previous homeowner probably had their AC set at 78 degrees for years, there’s no reason you can’t change that as well as turn off the heat pump option if needed. If you’re unsure how to adjust these settings, consult with a professional technician from an HVAC company near you.

Is your home’s AC unit outside of the house?

If so, then it is possible that something has fallen onto the unit and caused damage to it. This can mean you will need to call in a professional HVAC technician to inspect it and provide any repairs required.

Has dust built up inside your home or on your AC unit?

Dust build-up occurs over time, which means an inspection might be necessary at some point. However, you should try to clean any dust away from the condenser coil first if this is the reason why your AC isn’t cooling. Doing so will improve airflow through ventilation openings to help cool down hot coils quickly. As for cleaning the dust off, gently wipe away as much as you can using a sponge or cloth. However, you will need to consult with an HVAC professional for any issues during this process.

Is your air filter dirty?

If so, it could be restricting airflow. This can cause your AC not to function as well as it should because the evaporator coil won’t get cold enough to transform heat into cool air. You can clean the filter yourself or have a professional technician do it during a maintenance visit instead. For more information on proper filter cleaning, call up a company like Direct Cooling today!